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Acne Oil Bundle

AOBB / $16.50

4.8 oz


Bundle Contains 3 All Natural Acne Oils (One Classic Tea Tree, One Jazzy Jasmine and One Lovely Lavender)

An acne oil that not only diminishes pimples but leaves you smelling the calm, lovely scent of lavender as the all-natural ingredients work to sooth you skin and leave it blemish free.

Much like the flower this all-natural acne oil will leave your delicate skin smooth and beautiful while the sweet floral aroma invades your senses leaving you relaxed and joyous.

Revive your luminous skin with our Classic Tea Tree all-natural acne oil. This oil will cleanse and clear your skin while the tranquil scent of fresh tea tree oil permeates the room leaving you stress free and serene.


This product is not for consumption.


Argon Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil

Argon Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jasmine Oil.

Argon Oil, Tea Tree Oil

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